Avoid At All Costs!

As you are walking down a dark alley, alone, in the dark cold nights where the street lights were flickering, you sensed a malevolent presence near you. Discomfort surged through your veins, fight-and-flight ready, your hands reached down into your purse for the pepper spray, your only defense.

Seeing the shadow coruscated across the projection from the street lights unto the concrete ground, I postulated the man’s movement, swerving my body around and sprayed the pepper spray into thin air, letting out shrieks of fear.

There was no one, yet.

“Hands in the air!” The man pointed his gun point blank at the back of my skull, the training that I had throughout the years struck my mind. I lifted up my hands slowly, retreated some to gain some footing. Pivoting my left leg into the ground, I kicked him in the groin, hard. He got up and ran away when he saw me got hold of his gun.

What I wrote up there, they are pure fiction, they only appear in the movies, never in real life. Do you really think there is such thing called self-defense when it comes to real-life criminal activities? Absolutely not.

Criminals are trained to be commit crimes, they are professionals at them. On the other hand, we as the potential victims have no experience or whatsoever up against them and we are proned to fear, we are not crime fighters. Therefore, we stand no chance up against criminals.

It is spurious to surmise that self-defense is a pragmatic step to counter against criminals. Sometimes self-defense may turn into self-harm, the weapons that we have may be turned against us most of the times because we are confused and paralysed with fear when the crime happens. Even self-defense or martial arts or boxing do not help at all because they are just forms of ‘art’ and ‘exercise’, nothing more than that. These skills may protect us, but they expose us to more threats by engaging into a risky fight with the criminal.

How to prevent crime?

Avoidance is the key solution and prioritising your life is the main principle to hold on. There are three important steps that need to be implanted in you at all times: do not fear, run, and survive.

When someone threatens you for money, give. Your life is more important than the cash at the moment. Money can be earned again, but life has no restart button. Once your life is gone, then it is gone.

Asking you to not feel fear during a heist is simply ridiculous. However, if you manage to recollect yourself in a short period of time after the initial paralysing and confusing fear in a crime, you have a higher probability of regaining control over your mind which is crucial in the planning how to flee.

When someone gets close to you and molests you, your foot should be stomping on the toes of the criminal, or else your voice may come in handy when you are in the midst of a crowd.

When someone knocks you at the sidewalk on purpose, probably searching for a fight or recruiting for his gang, you should say ‘sorry, bro.’ and move away as fast as possible, avoid letting your anger or ego retaliate.

When someone strangles you by the neck, you can choose to step on his foot, attempt to bend his finger, give a slap into his Adam’s apple, or just straight up twist his nipple. These sensitive parts of the bodies are usually small and protruding where a large number of pain receptors lie which is why it is the most effective way to force him to let go of you.

After letting go, running away is the most plausible way to continue because running away provides distance to you and the criminal which makes it harder for the criminal to harm you.

When someone points a gun at you point blank, stay calm, ask him what he wants. If he wants materials, give. If he wants you, say ‘slowly’ or something to catch him off guard. As he was confuse by your word play, run. Do not look back. Just, run.

When someone attempts to slit your neck, ask him what he wants. If the request is money, give. If he wants your life, do not ever fight back because, one false move, the knife may end your life. So, just play by his rules for the moment, once there is an opening, an opportunity, run for your lives.

Surviving the crime is of utmost importance because you only live once. Therefore, avoid crime to prevent crime. Stay alert and be alarmed of your surroundings at all times.

Cyber crime, how to stop it?

Stalking: Just stop updating your social media so frequently, turn off your location on your phone.

Shaming: Think before you post something, if you post something too sexy or handsome or something too outstanding, be prepared by the barrage of comments by the netizens.

Fake news: Read the whole news article carefully, verify the source, and only share it to the world.

These are the normal and straightforward steps, yet people still do not care about it.

If you are just a by-stander at the crime scene, get yourselves to safety first, do not take out your phone to record it down to upload it on social media hoping it to get viral. Contact the police immediately after you get to safety.

Avoiding crime is the panacea to all crime.


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