Chopin was playing into me as I was doing some maintenance for the spacecraft dangling by the extension from the hatch, receiving orders and intel from the cockpit. I trailed off into my work as the classical was helping me to zero in myself in order to fix this problem.

“John, please hurry, you are taking way too long.” a stern and demanding voice sprouted from the music.

I left the spanner suspending in space, “Aye, aye captain!” a jesty response from me as I continued. Hours passed, the intercom was silent throughout that period. It was a very technical part to fix, that was presumably why I was left alone.

As I tuned down the Chopin to report my duties in, the intercom snapped, an immeasurable force gradually sucked me away from the space craft. I shouted as a primal response, knowing that sound could not vibrate through space, I frantically grabbed hold of the extension, pulling myself back to safety.

There’s no way a black hole could be here. My initial instinctual response. Unfortunately, I was accurate. There was nothing that I could do, I was getting further away from safety and help. Profuse sweat, indescribable fear, an immense premonition. I immediately detached myself from the space craft to ensure the safety of the rest of my team.

The sirens from the space craft blared, there were people responding. I made an ‘X’ sign to signal them to leave me alone. My vision started to transfigure into something else, I think I have entered the region before the event horizon- the ergosphere. This region was the closest that I could get into experiencing what is going to happen inside a black hole.

I felt dizzy as I was carried around in an ‘8’ shaped fashion, nearing light speed. My muscles were sore, unable to overcome the sheer amount of changes that was appearing in front of my very eyes. The Chopin that was gently playing at the background reverted into a language that I could not decipher, as if it was speaking his mind and thought process back then.

My head was swirling in the distorted beat of Chopin’s, I could not really see anything. I lifted my hands up to touch my face. Somehow, my flesh torn through the spacesuit that I was wearing, directly came into contact with my face. As I pried opened my eyes, I saw my fingers elongated, my face was disfigured, the arrangement of my features were off.

So this is how the half-broken spacetime rolls. My conscience were not that disturbed. I was merely fascinated by this phenomenon.

This continued for hours? I could not tell.

I was making things up in my head, knowing that I could not escape this endless loop. An instance was all I needed, I could either escape by gaining more speed from the centripetal force, or I could plunge myself into nothingness.

I chose neither.


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