One Year and Counting…

Daily blogging is and was my daily routine for a year and counting now, I was too caught up with my dreadful school life and personal stuffs that my first daily blogging anniversary just slipped my mind for a month. Nonetheless, I remembered about this particular, and I decided to dedicate this post to one year and more of daily blogging.

This hunch of writing daily hit me last year March-ish (I guess), I grabbed hold to it firmly, and wrote daily. Disregarding of the days, whether or not I have ideas to write, I forced myself to write something, be it a rant, a motivational writing, a personal experience, a letter to a special someone, an apology to my wrongdoings, a short story, a perspective on current issues, a criticism, an abrasive message, just anything.

Around five months of intensive and consistent posting, and interacting a lot with the WordPress community, my stats peaked, my ego too. Three months down the road, I got lazy, school work was higher on my priority list, I did some ‘spammy liking’ on people’s comments and posts. I got called out months later, from then I was tired of interacting with people and concentrated most of my blogging time (99%) into creating content and writing my heart out.

Last month (February or March-ish), I was defeated by life, I thought to myself this blogging idea sucked, a piece of trash, crap. It was demeaning to myself, I took a week off, looking back through my portfolio of my life, re-thinking, re-strategising, and re-purposing myself back on track. Recently, I was slowly recovering, I did post everyday in a week, but I took a day off every week because of my overwhelming studies.

Studies, studies, studies. I think it is just an excuse. Exhausted creativity, I think it is real because school is killing me internally, my creative aspect is dissipating right in front of my very eyes. Hopefully this will end quicker, so that I can spread my wings and fly again.

This platform that I created, I built from scratch was powerful enough to inspire people, to get attention from corporations, to beleaguer people, to make someone’s day or to break them. Words are dangerous if not controlled; words are impactful if put in the right way. I met both sides in my walk, so far, and gotten the consequences struck into my face.

The fact that I literally forgotten this anniversary is a good indicator because I write for the sake of sharing my thoughts and my imaginations only, not to grow my blog to a certain extend or to force content out of myself. Although there were very less people reading my work daily, I still appreciate every single read from you guys.

Thank you so much for enduring this journey with me. Although there were days that my writing was shit (now also got) and terrible and negative, we can pull this through together, making writing not just a hobby, but a habit worth to share our thoughts.

Once again, thank you for all your support. I will keep on writing and producing better quality writings and better stories.


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