Diving down with the usual depth, I swam with the breathing piece into the remnants of a derelict abandoned pirate ship. My mission was to retrieve whatever that was valuable there. I ransacked the location for treasure chests, jewelries and goodies but found nothing but skeletons.

My intercom remained silent throughout the expedition, I thought everything was smooth sailing, but after all the searching, I realised that I did not turn it on. Frantically, I switched it on, hearing nothing but waves of agony promulgated. What the fu…

The sea was filled with blood red stains, murky and dirty. Overwhelmed by the school of sharks swirling around for their final prey, me. I turned off my headlights, rendering me partially blind. My breathing capacity was about to be up, I was trapped.

My skin was peeled with fear and my heart was petrified. I could not think straight, compromised by the sheer amount of fear and danger. The thoughts which flowed through my head was bad and worse.

Time was ticking, and my life was tocking.

If I do not swim out, I die.

Either way, I die. 

Only meager brightness allowed a limited field of vision, I managed my head, got back in the driver’s seat. Telling myself, I need to get out now. 

Adamant call orchestrated with a temporal courage, I paddled my legs as swiftly as I could, upwards. There was a slight, uncanny current. I took advantage of it, and swam with the current, out of this vicinity.

As I was swimming, there were jets of streams brushing pass my subcutaneous senses that I could not ignore. I continued swimming.

Flash. Flash. Flash. The device shone in the murky waters in a brilliant red. Fuck. The predators were caught by the resplendent crimson glow.

I swam as fast as I could, they were not slow, they were catching up as quick as lightning. There were half a dozen of them at my tail as I turned around, and there was where my mistake was. I turned back.


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