Right now I’m in the state of mind,
I just want be with you.

I’m feeling it again,
I’m catching feelings again.

Insidiously promulgating,
Gracefully wreathed around me.

love lies.

I just don’t know anymore.

I’m feeling it again,
It is perfectly normal.

I don’t want to destroy another bond,
I just want to cherish this until it comes to an end.

It is the hormones,
I swear.

Over my head,
Over my head,
Over my head.

The insatiable craving for you.
The enigmatic attraction to you.

Your voice, your movements, your minutiae, your hair, your eyes,
Your everything.

Simply baffling,
Electrifying. Loving.

I shall sit back,
I am tired to approach my feelings in a gung-ho manner,
I just want to see how this plays out by me going passive.

If this becomes a reality,
I will anticipate change.
If this remains a reverie,
I will have another friend in me.

Hopefully my hormones do not control my thinking.
Or else…

Nope. I do not want history to repeat itself again and again.
I must control myself.
Be a better person in general.


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