Let Me

It was perhaps the last day I would be meeting her, in this temporal period. My heart was pounding wildly, beating like the bass drums of my inner voices. Just tell her. Since it’s the last day. I cupped my hand against my racing heart, young blood.

Sitting next to her for one last time, trickling our time away with final laughter and chatter that would be buried at the back of our minds etched in familiar graves of ethereal phases of life.

These moments would be our finale, we could no longer tease, no longer catch one another’s flaws, no longer get to talk, perhaps ever again.

I waited for everyone to leave, as if it was in a Korean drama scene where every chess piece fell in place. Pacing myself closer to her, I croaked her name, catching her attention for a nanosecond, letting my heart fulfill its desires.

Wreathing my arms across her frantically, pressing us together into a point blank distance, leaned my head right passed her ears where loose strands of her hair dangled.

Thup… Thup… Thup… 

Synced, queer, enigmatic.

She was still in shock, her response was nil.

No rejection, no acceptance, just purely embracing our embrace.

Gently, I buried myself into her infallible strands of silk, breathed into her my inner-most sound, “Tha…” I felt her arms wrapped around me as if I was in a beautiful reverie.

“I think…” 




Love you.” 



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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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