May Be (Goals For May)

Phew… 40 percent back on track to my usual self. My recuperating ability is not that great, but still an above average pace. This is difficult, getting back to life after the big slump of my life- where nothing really feels good.

I might say this month is going to be a crucial month for me, I am prioritizing the most important things in life, period. Or else, I will end up in the pit of nadir.


Apologise. I did, but she did not accept it. I could not help much. I did my part.

Zero Fast Food. I had once, perhaps I can make do of the one-month-one-fast-food rule.

Read. I did not even finish a book, what a disgrace.

Run. I did slack a little, but I will record my running days that are to come.

Write a short story, Start a Patreon Page, Recruit another writer. I had inner battles to deal with myself, not even have time to spare for my blog. Shameful.

Early to bed, early to rise. Be disciplined. I really think I should throw away my iPhone to stop myself doing all these time-wasting activities.

Study. I start on short but must pick up speed.

May Goals




Honestly, I’m tired of facing my dreaded self every single fucking day- watching senseless Youtube videos, playing video games. Plus, I do not want to re-sit for the exams.

Early to bed, early to rise.

This is the only way to make sure my studies get drilled into my skull after revision. I hope I can abide to this useful and efficient step.


New strategy: read 30 pages per day. Rather than aiming to finishing the whole book in a given period of time, I think this daily routine will benefit me in the long run.


Same old plan. Three times per week. (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday. Sunday)- days that I am free in the evening or morning. I think I should make it like this- if the day or evening permits me to run (not raining), I must run.

Supplementary Goals: Write a short story, Start a Patreon Page, Recruit another writer.

Be Disciplined!

20 Days to Semester 2 Exams.

Hopefully I can achieve all my goals that I have set this month after a day’s worth of sleep to repair my defeated body from almost a month of after midnight sleep routine. I really hope that I can steer my life back on track.

What are your goals for this month? Comment down below! Share your inspiration and motivation with the readers. Thank you so much for your read, hope you have a blessed May!

P.S. May the odds be with us. Wish me luck. Bless me.


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