You Are Not The Only One

Tears were rolling down my cheeks, reflected resplendently upon my blighted soul, transpiring the depths of my layered protective feelings.

Encapsulated in those thick layers, there was I, buried deep down.

Cocooned in myself, crying by myself, leaving tears where no one could possibly know.

Those layers were just a facade, a cover-up, a sugar-coat for the people to see, to not let people look at the feeble, vulnerable side of me.

What a shame! Why should I share my saddest self with other people? I can handle this by myself.

Nonsense! You can’t. You alone are not capable of doing so.

It is indeed your own battle, but there is no clear rule in life that the battle cannot be fought together with your comrades, so why fight the battle yourselves when you can win the battle together?

Some battles in life are meant to be faced alone, but if you simply cannot handle it anymore, relinquish your ego and fear in order to combat the battles with numbers.

Words are simple to be said. Actions are difficult to be done. But, a handful of us, even the guy sitting next to you right now or one of your friends might be having the same thoughts.

Why not just be brave, confront those thoughts with someone whom you can trust, definitely not the internet, but face-to-face with someone.

Remember, depression is a hard-knocked adversity in life, deal with it before being consumed by it.

If you are feeling depressed, find someone to talk it out, may it be a friend, a teacher, an enemy, a not-so-close friend, a parent.

Just let the deluge of feelings be poured out to the people around you because we are going through similar trials of life.

Be brave. Confess. Live on.


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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