Balloon Twisting

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“Kye, wanna go to do something fun?” Deb said in her cheeky voice as I was driving us back home, I did not reply, “… something different?”

I was wearied from my intern during the day, I was just craving for my bed, “What…?” I responded in a monotone.

“Let’s go meet a friend of mine,” I shifted my gaze to her, “for balloon twisting.”

Interesting… My mind wanted to learn something new, “Sure.” I satisfied it.

As we arrived to her friend’s house, it was just an ordinary terrace house- generic and normal, nothing extra. We got down from the car and received a warm welcome from Elroy- slightly shorter than me with a typical Malaysian tang to his smile. I was shaking a little, maybe it was from the tiredness, or it was just excitement.

Wow… We were not only welcomed by a warm persona but also by the spectrum of a rainbow- vibrant, cheery and hearty. The vicinity was furbished with the peculiar twisted arts and painted with hues of inflated balloons. The ‘working’ table with a few pumping device/ tanks beside it was seated in the brilliance.

“This is Elroy.” Deb introduced me to him, we had a small talk before we got into the main course of this visit- balloon twisting.

Elroy gave us a crash course on balloon twisting. It was fun, and not difficult, at all.

When I see Elroy demonstrate for us, in a piecemeal approach, I got some jitters. Previously, I had this presumption and the fear of the balloon popping under the sheer force applied by the balloon twister.

“Don’t shy shy lah, the balloon won’t pop so easily one.” Elroy gave us an affirmative nod by proceeding in twisting our balloons. Squeak. squeak. squeak. His hands moved majestically through and forth the balloon. “… and… here… Wa lah!” he held up a poodle in front of us. “Try lah, it is easy. ”

Truly, his words did not lie, it was a cinch. I was not even scared of balloons anymore. In two hours time, we learned about five balloon twisting techniques, and we were already better than half of the street clowns.

We thanked him after that and we decided that the real way to get happiness is by giving it to others. The next day, we stood by the park after our work-out session to give out balloons to the children in the park.

Exchanging smiles with free balloons was worth the experience. Seeing the children frolicking around with our piece of art was more of a pleasure. It was one of the simplest form of happiness that can be witnessed after giving out the balloons, both parties were smiling brightly at the same time.

It is always the little things in life that portrays the intrinsic meaning of life through the minutiae.

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Here is Kelvin’s draft:

  • To not disappoint my girlfriend, I accepted her invitation to this interview/crash course with a friend, Elroy, who is a professional balloon twister.
  • I was reluctant at first as the appointment was right after a long tiring day of internship, but I gave in when I told myself learning a new skill is not that bad and this might be a potential opportunity to gain side income alongside the friend.
  • Looks truly can be deceiving, as we reached the destination I was astonished by the building as it was just an ordinary terrace house which actually serves as the office for Elroy and a few other partners of his.
  • The interior and exterior of the building was a total opposite, from the outside it looked like a seasoned house, but as I stepped into it I was welcomed with rainbows of balloons twisting accessories, balloon sculptures and so on.
  • One of the biggest takeaways from the appointment was, balloon twisting is not difficult.
  • Within 2 hours, we were able to learn how to make 5 different balloon sculptures, which based on Elroy, already made us better than most of the balloon-twisting clowns out there.
  • However, the number of balloon sculptures I had learn will never exceed the satisfaction of my triumph over the fear of balloon.
  • I was not as afraid of the balloons as you might thought but the pressure of fearing the balloon will pop as I was twisting it, was definitely significant.
  • Which reminds me a quote a wise man one said, courage is not the absence of fear but thetriumph over it.
  • Therefore if it was not for today, I might not had known that I had to capability to overcome this particular mental obstacle of mine towards balloons.
  • The real way to get happiness is by giving it to others.
  • I could not agree more with this particular quote since I stated my journey in balloon twisting.
  • Balloon twister is basically a people pleaser. By handing out simple things like this, I could see the happiness from others that money could not buy.
  • One of the most recent examples was my practice session with my girlfriend at a park.
  • We were handing out free balloon sculptures because we thought it would be too huge of a waste to just discard them after practicing.
  • Who would have thought balloon sculpture worth below RM1 is able to buy a child or even an adult a moment of joy.



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