“I’m Still Alive.”

To all Malaysians:

Here we are! More than half a decade later, the rakyat, us, are willing to step up and choose change over a stagnant-money-ruling government. On 9 May 2018, the rakyat had chosen the opposition to govern Malaysia for the first time ever since Malaysia gained independence, this is history!


There are groups of people who cited that this election would not make much of a difference, they said they preferred the previous kleptocracy over the new hope (Harapan). How can you say like that? Either you just gave up on Malaysia or just living in oblivion. Nonetheless, you are less than a Malaysian if you think like that- parochial, lackadaisical. 

True, I agree that the change is going to take time, because the mess created is too major to clean-up, even the best of the peoples in the world would not take up this concoction of chaos to give it a revamp. But, Tun M, a 93-year-old Malaysian, the fourth and seventh (current) Prime Minister is willing to pick up the gauntlet to save Malaysia. 

I really want back the times where I can get a trolley fully-filled with groceries by using just a RM50; the generous portion of food that I can get at a cheap price; the stable fuel price that is subsidised; the changing rates of RM to USD is 1:2.50; those were the better days that the kleptocracy had obliterated.

Please, I urge all, I mean all, Malaysians to let Tun M lead in peace. Tun M has his ways where most of us do not understand. As for us, we must play our part in building ourselves in JERI (Jasmani, Etika, Rohani, Intelek) in order to make ourselves into a more hollistic, more open-minded, more civilised Malaysian. (Don’t simply throw rubbish, Flush after using public toilets, stop spitting everywhere, and etc.)

There are still a lot of Malaysians (especially those at Terengganu and Kelantan) are not yet aware of the progress that Malaysia is heading to, they are still in the rural mindset. Hopefully the new and coming exposure is not going to culture shock them and send the whole nation into a haphazard condition. 

There is a new light for Malaysia. Personally, I never felt so proud calling myself a Malaysian, but after this ‘reformation’, I am bold enough to show that I am a Malaysian. 

Once again, thank you so much for Malaysians to stand up for Malaysia in an overt manner with an ultimate motive for change. For good or for bad, time will tell, but we need to be patient and give the new government at least two to three years to restore Malaysia back to its stable state.

One last word to the skeptics,

Malaysia is a great and wonderful country, it is just the politics that sucked. I believe that after the new era has been established, your two-face personality will instantly switch to praise how good Malaysia is.

I have faith in my own country, I have faith in Malaysians in embracing and accepting change. 

I love Malaysia. Just wait and see, Malaysia is undergoing a major change, for the betterance of our future. 

With hope,

God bless Malaysia!


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