Come ON!

Get up. 

Get up.


Ummph. Leave me alone. I wanna sleep. I’m tired.

Next week you are having your big exams, and you are still lazing around.

We have been through this a couple of times already.


Just shut it.




Ergh. What time is it?

1700 sharp.

What the…

Are you going to give the reason that school is making you weary, again?

No. I just learned to adapt and live with all this shit. These study materials are like the panacea for insomnia patients, they are all super effective, better sleeping pills, I reckon.


I think I need to flush out the toxins inside my body.

Just go.

But, I’m tired again.

What the fuck? What in the world are you? Are you just a useless piece of shit? A fucking couch potato?

So what? Haven’t we have this conversation slash argument for millions of times now.

This is outrageous.

You know I can shut you out anytime I want to, right?

This is ridiculous. What is going on inside the thick skull of yours and what is coming out from your lazy ass? 


I also had enough of you. If you want to go back in living ‘that’ life, go ahead.





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