sHuT tHe F! (Explicit)

Facts, knowledge,
Last minute cramming,
Anxious, scared.

The motherfucker walked in,
Not a metaphor, nor a description,
It was an actual human,
The motherfucking human.

He came in,
As if everyone welcomed him,
I ignored his shit,
Letting him went on with his shit.
Fuck that shit.

He was not welcomed,
That crooked old fuck should be at home,
Stopping his malignant presence from ever spreading.

He spoke,
The atmosphere was filled with shit,
Covered with pure convoluted shit,
Fucking my ears and concentration up, hard.

My patience was at the brink of breaking,
Bursting, erupting.
I held back,
I let some out in a foreign language,
Cussing him to get the fuck out.

He continued,
The cancer was promulgating,
Don’t pull down the standards of the word- ‘cancer’.
That fucktard is fucked up.

mY ThoUGHts,
WerE fucKEd.




Fuck this,
Enough is enough.

He asked me whether I understood
Whatever the shit he blurted out just now.

Perfect timing.

No is a plain answer.
Yes is too, a plain lie.
Fighting back is wrong.

“I am studying myself. Please.
Another way of shouting.
Fuck. Off. 

He fucked off.

I was wrong.
But rectification is to file a complain,
Shove that sorry fuck into pure fuckery.

Too much hate.
Too much negativity.
I need to get that fuckface out.
I must.

Humiliating myself.
I don’t give a fuck.

0 fucks given.

Say whatever you want.
Even if you say he deserves a mutual respect from me,
Or say karma will find me.

Find my sorry ass then,
Fuck me up then,

This is fucking going overboard.


I don’t care.


This is the worst mental torture that I have in my fucking life.


Craving for more? Down below:
no. no. no. no. no.

Come ON!
Pulled Away
A Call To Reform
Invisible. Real.
“I’m Still Alive.”

Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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