All Out.

Uugh… My head was beating with the insidious pain, the call of sickness, the last thing that I wanted to encounter during this finals week. I paced myself back home, ate and drove, the illness was building up as I was heading back home.

“Sleep. Just sleep.” I told myself, attempting to convince myself that this was no biggie. I called out to the Lord, prayed as fervently as possible, I had no one to look to except for Him now. “Sleep.” I could not. Something was not right, there was a shitstorm brewing in my oesophagus, literally.

I was scared of vomiting, I had not vomit for years now, I tried to avoid it at all cost because of the unpleasant sensation that will linger on in my mouth. Shit. This was unbearable. I can’t hold it back anymore. Rushed my ass into the bathroom. Clamped both of my hands to the basin.

Let it out. The vomit poured out like a burst tap, WUAKK… Just let it flow. WUAKK… WUAKK… WUAKK…

Heaving in heavily, it was a relieve, flushing out all of the toxins in one fell swoop. My knees jellied, I felt empty as I sat my ass down to let out from the bottom. It was a fucking disaster, letting out waste from the top and the bottom.

My mother came to my aid. I kept praying. She brought me to the nearest clinic, it was 2 hours till midnight, there was nothing that I could express my gratefulness to my mother that helped me out.

Based on my situation, even the doctor cited that I would not have enough energy to even wake up tomorrow morning.

Guess what?

My prayers were answered. After taking the dosage of medicines, I fell into deep sleep, recuperated in the shortest time possible. 0430, I was wide awake, feeling ten times less shittier. Hallelujah. I was able to make my way to the exam hall, took the exams with a less worried heart.


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