You. So Different.

You, you are someone nice.

You, you are someone funny.

You, you are someone smart.

You, you are someone obstinate.


You, you are so fake.

You, you are so needing for attention.

You, you are a jerk-ish prodigy, so damn lucky.

You, you are a genius.


You, you may be broken inside.

You, you are dark.

You, God bless you. “Don’t get carried away.”

You, arrogant bastard.


I see you as a good person,
Probably because
I only saw your good side;
I only knew your good side.
I am not skeptical.
I’m an optimist,
A simplistic thinker.


I know you are fake,
I’ve been through that stage.
I’m an optimist
Who had experienced reality
In a harsh manner.
A skeptic.


I sympathize,
I feel more than you do,
Simply fraternising,
More of a human who understood better
Of another fellow human being.
A “People’s People”.
A someone who understood
More than he should.


We never get to see all sides of a someone,
We only get to see bits and pieces of a someone.

We are blinded by our perception,
We are fooled by ourselves.

That’s what we are bounded by.

We are not all-seeing,
We are not omnipresent.

We don’t know everything,
We only can assume that we knew, almost.


We change.

This makes things more complicated
Than it already is.

Complex beings,
Hard to decipher,
Love to make assumptions,
Embracing the pit of nadir like never before,
Reaching the bottomless void of stupid presumptions.

Are so different,
In another eyes.

Exist in different forms,
In another eyes.

May be total bull crap,
Or a beauty,
In another eyes.

Be you.
In another eyes.

Stop putting on facades.

So different.


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