The Knowledge “Barrier”

Sherlock is a brilliant artist of deduction and a splendid detective, but he is also a scholar who is particularly interested in Chemistry and contributed some new discoveries to the Science world.

Yagami Light is a badass thinker who wants to transform the world into a crime-less paradise by using Death Note to exterminate those who are bad, but he has one of the top scores in Japan’s toughest exams. His contestant, L, who is a badass detective that unraveled many unsolved cases in the world, but he also has one of the best IQ scores in the world, no exam is too difficult for him to score with perfection.

Light, L, and Sherlock have one thing in common, they are too smart that ordinary academics were peanuts for them. Academics to them is a ‘supplement’ that is essential for life, but their prime focus is on other things, for instance, Sherlock solves impossible cases; Light wants to eradicate the world from evil; L solves impossible cases too.

Academics to them is way too boring for them, not challenging at all, and yet if they were to do ‘academics’ they are going to excel- with perfection. They seem to understand their studies in a blink of an eye, not even needing a rigorous explanation from someone.

Why? What is happening here?

Compared to a normal human, we need time to process the information needed, to commit them into memory, often with strenuous effort if our attention is not focused.

Under any circumstances, even in urgent situations, the three figures that I mentioned just now are able to plan the perfect scheme, consider most possibilities and make the best set of actions (a long chain of actions) to achieve something accounting all the flaws in a situation. In other words, they are able to create the perfect plan in some squeeze of the brain.

Why can’t we? You might argue that they are fictional characters, but I do believe that humans have this capability, it is just that we are unable to tap into this region of peculiarity or perhaps a norm that will be prevalent in times to come.

I feel like their common point- easy knowledge, is the key to their super-intelligence. How to get it? I do not know. We do not. Perhaps pure grinding of knowledge until a point where something would ‘snap’ inside our heads, leading us to discover the connections across the multitude of knowledge and making sense of them within a snap of fingers.

I want this. It is something admirable to have. To see the world in a deductive style, basically looking through thousands of different eyes into this world. How wonderful is this?


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