Ice Skating

After calligraphy class, I casually drove to my friends’ house to pick them up for ice-skating. I was skeptical at first, but Sigh… I’m always like this when it comes to something advent to me, I have to change this type of mindset.

Nothing really much happened before entering the ice rink, just plain chit-chatting, lunch, and more chatting. I got a pair of typical ice skates, put them on- they were bulky, even tighter than my football boots. When I stood up, it was as if I was wearing my mom’s high heels but with a firm line stabilizing each of my foot.

It was difficult at first but as I observed my surroundings, I copied their movements which was to stand in a V-shape, and everything was V-shaped walking and so on.

As I marched into the rink, I did not expect anything because I could not even ride a bicycle. I slowly tapped the blades into the ring, carefully, holding the sides with my dear life. The walls were my support, I was literally someone who was learning how to een stand still in the rink.

Using my experience in writing an ice skating story, I visualised what I had in my mind, like how I did for most of my arts and sports. V-shaping my legs was the start and the fundamental, I could stand still without any support. Gradually, I picked up some progress in ice skating, I could skate a full circle without support or even falling, just a few casual slips that I knew how to control to prevent myself from falling.

It was difficult, but I got the hang of it in an hour or two. It naturally got into my blood. I discovered another of my talents. Or is it just pure beginner’s luck? Let’s find out. I tried speeding up my pace, lo and behold, I was able to ice skate, and control about 40 percent of my movement.

Sky- a stout guy with spiky hair in his mid-thirties who is a professional trainer, stepped in. He taught us the basics of ice skating which I barely got them right for the first few attempts. The first few hours of me blindly skating was based on my instincts of not to fall down, which was why I could not skate fast.

As we were skating, Sky did a really great job in guiding us, making all of us able to skate in merely an hour. I did practised his ways, and managed to observe the vicinity. There were a few really pro ice skaters in the rink, probably national level because of their fluid movements and prolific skills. They breezed through ice skating as if they were dancing on their stage.

We thanked him for guiding us. After that, I learned something new, a brand new experience. Props to everyone that was involved or been around me at that time, really appreciate this wonderful experience.

Please do visit their Facebook page:

Location: Empire City.
8, Jalan Damansara,
Empire City, PJU 8,
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


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