Death Note. I have utterly no words to describe how good that this anime can be. 10/10 right out of the bat, everything jived in together to make one of the best anime in history, totally recommended for everyone to watch it, at least once.

Many said that after L died, the anime died down. It did, for a few episodes, and the rush of the anime just got back up, with a final touch of Matsuda losing his shit firing at Light. The final chapters of the anime with the encounter of Near and Mello started off badly but able to regain the ‘kick’ after a few tedious chapters.

The anime started off with a Shinigami (Death God), Ryuk, simply dropping his Death Note to the human world because of boredom. A fellow human picked it up, Light, and used it to be justice. A few episodes in, Light used Death Note to reduce crime drastically by killing off criminals by simply writing their name with their face’s image in the writer’s mind in the Death Note.

L came into the picture, noticing many people died of the same cause- heart attack, not a coincidence. L used six chapters to pin-point Light as the Death Note user. In the meantime, they were playing the games of wits, competing with each other by using intelligent stratagems. The anime was drawn precisely portraying as much thriller as possible, you would be at the edge of your seats when you are watching how Light and L use their wits to battle it out.

Light’s motive is to eradicate all evil off the face of earth by using himself because he knew nobody would have the guts and the wits to perform this task, he often relates himself to a God, and only he could persevere and put up with all the challenges thrown at him despite having being able to create a world with lesser crime. At the same time, the people of the world live in the fear of him being the Kira (the killer).

L did everything to catch Light because the Death Note is just a mass-murder weapon. The anime clearly portrays both sides of the same coin, it is up to you to decide whom to side with. Let me tell you before-hand, the concept of good and evil is contradicting and well-explained in this anime. Light managed to disprove L countless times by using the people around him as his pawns, finally even killing another Shinigami, Rem, and forcing Rem to kill of L in the process. Everything was well-schemed, L came short-handed.

At that point of the anime, many will say it died down. Yes, it is undeniable. But, it is truly spectacular that the author of this anime managed to pull out a 25-episodes of epicness. However, the rest of the episodes involves Near and Mello (L’s successors) working together to bring down the Kira, Light.

Two brains are indeed better than one. That was what the anime managed to portray in that. Light came short-handed and Ryuk wrote his name in Ryuk’s own Death Note, to end Light’s life. Part of the reason that Light wanted to eradicate all evil was out of boredom, similar to the Shinigamis.

All in all, Death Note is a piece of art, a tour de force of anime. Suitable for all types of viewers.


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