Knock. Knock. 

It’s here. The feeling, it’s here. It did not have the intention to leave soon, or eventually. Mixed emotions, a tired heart, I could not care less, or bother more about this enigmatic feeling for you.

Timing was off, everything in my life was starting to plunge into the deepest nadir of all, but I still had some thing for you. What a fool I am.

I know it is wrong to have fallen for you, my heart did so.

Hopefully, given the test of time, I would be able to rest you aside, let my hormones settle down, only then I can determine whether you are the one or not.

You are different, so different from my previous falls. It is subtle, I feel for you. I am afraid to mix up my perception, go for it and tremble upon my repeated mistakes- by being impatient.

I am really bad at this. I do not know how to act. Through the mistakes and lessons, I still did not learn, I got scared instead. You were giving me signs, but presumably being good to someone does not mean anything else.

Perhaps, we shall remain at this state, Jie.

I don’t know. Please. I’m so lost, in my own emotions. Perhaps, I am just lonely, unappreciated. But, you, you made me back into what I wanted to be. 


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