Paper Towns

The edifice shrouded the vicinity in paper white structures, I was walking casually through the seeps of the whiteness, getting paper cuts occasionally by accidentally breezing through them. I could not bear but to be curious about the density of these things, too overcrowded.

There were too many twists and turns whenever I made a move, I was constantly on the watch by other people, easily getting paper cuts if I made a wrong turn. However, the wrong turns were just not conforming with the society. I was breeding something inside me, a force that was stronger than anything that I could imagine.

The force, no, it was something like an emotion, it was burning through me bit by bit. I could not suppress it anymore, it was going to erupt like a volcano, spewing molten fire all around the vicinity.

Growing, growing, unknowingly, everything started to dissipate into thin air, leaving none other than ashes. That mere spark that I could not hold back, spread like a wildfire across the paper towns, single-handedly burned up the entirety of my surroundings.

I was alone, nothing dared to approach me again. I was dangerous, I was different, looking for disaster wherever that I could find. Even that tiny spurs could ignite a wildfire. Cooking up a shitstorm to scare everyone away from me.

I cocooned myself, neglecting the world around me, I just could care less about what was happening. The fire that could not be put out burned inside me, they might not be able to put it out, but only I could.

If I did not put out this fire, I would be left alone with this burning sensation of hope. But if I put this fire out, I would be conforming to everything around me.

This agony, was unbearable. But, live-able with. Slowly searching the balance in between both destructive options.


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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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