Sigh. (June Goals)

I am tired of creating posts like this that bear no fruits at all or whatsoever. However, a few days ago, I had a very fascinating spiritual encounter where I got to catch a glimpse of my own future- which was fantastic, and eventually pumped up some of the engines inside me to get me going.


STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! I really did take this time’s revision seriously, never like in the past, I gave pure effort in studying up what I left out. I had a better feeling in this time’s exam compared to last time although there were some major screw-ups with my health during the period.

Early to bed, early to rise. Nope. Nothing.

Read. Nope. Nothing.

Run. Same old, but a little toned down due to exams.

Supplementary Goals. Nope. Nothing.

June Goals

Be fit enough to run in Japan during holidays.

To achieve this, I will have to run three to four times per week without spraining any parts of my body. I think I can do this.


30 pages per day. One way or another.

Start Studying.

To reduce the burden that I will be having later in the semester. Rather wrap it up first than having it to pile up and squish me into a pancake.

Start a Patreon Page.

Will do so this month.

Write a short story.

Before I fly to Japan. (Either “That Dragon, Cancer” or “Dancing with Fear”)

Be disciplined.

Hopefully I can achieve these goals in the times of this month. I will have to start moving and have confidence in my plans and what I am going to do.

What are your goals for this month? Leave them down in the comments below! I will be sure to reply and react to them. Thank you so much!

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