Chill beats were playing at the background, I was not satisfied, I needed something more inspiring. My fingers shifted it into classical orchestra, nope, Japan songs, better. The language portrayed was incomprehensible yet enlightening. I cocooned myself on my chair, hoping that some movement could stir my head up- an impetus.

Blank. Nothingness. That was all that I could think of. I could not come up with anything better than that. Letting my mind fall into an endless spiral of abysmal hollowness, a free falling activity that I had to deal with every single day for almost threes years.

Gyrating in the darkness, breathless, wearied. I could bother no more about writing, feeling an utter defeat from myself, I had lost the confidence to imagine- I had murdered my own imaginations.

CLAP! A blinding light burst into my peripheral vision, catching my attention with another, CLAP! Sending ripples of life into me. There was a some light shed into my darkness, I could see a ball of light rolling straight into me as I stared up into the ceiling which was filled with banality and emptiness.

Closing my eyes briefly, another clap of thunder kick-started my imaginations, sparked a seamless rolls of images into my mind. They were colourful, vibrant. I never felt more alive again.

Pushing my seat away, I slammed the door opened, ran aimlessly into the rain and darkness. Pak. Pak. Pak. I ran, heaved heavily, getting pelted by the spears of water, picking back up my forgotten confidence.

A story, no, more than one story exploded in my mind. My mind was enthralled. I let out a roar of revival, screaming into the darkness, proclaiming victory within myself.


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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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