Since then, I really appreciate sleep more than anything else in the entirety of my life. Who knows when I started liking sleep, literally craving for it like never before. Adolescence years- those dumb years, staying up late, sleeping at the bare minimum, not feeling any burden at all.

As I marched into adulthood, time became more and more constraint, I was prone to choose sleep over doing anything else, my body just does not let me do more. My feelings were overwhelmed by the word tired, wearied, and basically defeat, screaming, I need to sleep!

Travelling to the moon and back again; into my infinite impossible futures and back to reality; into my seamless imaginations and back to concrete ground. I just could not settle with people who can do as much as they could, stretching their waking hours to the maximum.

Sleep is indeed important, it enhances my cognitive notions, boosts my blemished looks (although I still look like a nerd or an ugly person), acts as a springboard to how I perceive things in another kind of eyes. After slamming my head into the bed, I feel like not getting up again, but life is awaiting for me, I could not simply throw away my life and sleep my way through. Not productive, at all.

Sometimes, I take a day or two off in a fortnight just to sleep, replenish the creative and confidence juice inside me. I can be brighter than ever if I get enough sleep, more good things will happen if I sleep more, but not excessive.

Be aware. Sleep as your body prompts you to, or whenever you can if you are not productive (or the situation forces you to, for example in worthless classes).

Do not forget to sleep.

休息是为了走更长的路 (Rest is to help in elongating the walk of life)

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