Silence, Quietness;
Absence, Stillness.

I dared not,
I could not.

I’m scared of destroying another future.

What I can only do
Is to silently, quietly,
Sit beside you,
Cuss beside you,
Talk beside you,
But, that is the fine line that I can not cross.

You are special in my eyes,
I see you, different,
So different.

Everything will subside and I can live
Without worrying any of this.

Should I ask you out?

Should I ask you more?

Those are the boundaries set by me,
Not to break,
Or else we could never be friends, even.

Silently, slowly
Playing my hand wisely,
Dealing my words patiently,
Waiting for my time,

Have I gotten enough experience?
Losing more than I could grasp.

Can we…
We can possibly work this out;
Talk it out.

Telling myself,
Remaining silent is the best move now.

I do not want to shatter anything.

I do not want any awkwardness.

I do not want any hardships or privations.

I just feel that,
Keeping quiet,
Watching your moves,
Before acting,
Is the best.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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