We, Maybe.

Huff… Puff… My heart was beating at the rhythm of my pace, controlling it in order to run longer. Sweat was drenching me, the sun was merciless, I ran across that particular spot again. It was mid-summer, my running routine was in for months, I became better in running with time.

This spot captured me because of her. I must pass this point, it was essentially my check-point for every lap, since the beginning of my training. It would be odd if I changed it, my body would not be accustomed to it.

She would be sitting there, regardless of the weather, staring blankly into the skies. Sometimes, it would be a fortune when I noticed her looking at me running. She might seem disinterested at times but there were a few times she stared at me for a couple of minutes until I took a turn.

I could not catch a good glimpse of her because of my glasses. Knotting up my laces, gearing up my eyes for this run. I need to take a closer look on her. A regular warm-up, started my run in a blink. The weather was sweltering as usual, and she was too.

Her features were silky caramel, tinted with a minty breeze; her eyes were glamorous, teeming with stillness; she was rather slim, but firm; she was dressed in white. I stole some glances off her, she caught me red-handed. We exchanged smiles.

Something clicked inside me as she adjusted her drooping hair. I knew nothing about this feeling, I just stopped running, staring at her at a dumbfounded fashion, looking like an idiot looking in the air. Perhaps, we are just idiots when it comes to love.

I continued. The relationship resumed to grow, to flourish. It was awkward at first, but it grew fonder at the times to come. I was an idiot at finding, discovering or rather unraveling this enigmatic feeling- love.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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