When Is Ready?

Never rush a situation to go fast or yourself into a situation, never do that, like never. Those scenarios proposed in front of you are for the you who is ready, not off a whim. I am a very rushy person, I love to make things quick, being impatient mostly. Often times, with my harsh attitude, I screw up a lot of relationships, many.

I just could not tell how much I regretted for my own rash actions and harsh mouth, I am very impatient. Good things come to those who wait, I could not wait, I am very impatient. I know, everything must undergo a certain process to bear a consequence, it takes time, and I do not like to wait that long.

Taking this analogy given from a friend of mine in high school: imagine yourself in a McDonalds with an empty stomach, you would opt to buy anything that can satisfy that hunger. That ‘hunger’ is a primitive mindset that we have, must have. Imagine another scene where you enter McDonalds with a full stomach, you would choose either to eat your favourite food or not to eat at all. Here we are satisfying the ‘liking’ part of you, not an innate feeling, but it is completely your choice.

Clearly, after reflecting upon myself, I feel that I am not ready or prepared for this, I am still at my comfort zone- immature. I just wanted to satisfy the ‘hunger’, not choosing my ‘liking’.

This is a pure ramble, I just needed to get this cluttered thoughts out of my head, I could not stand with all of these stuck inside me, such a mess.

When am I ready? Not now, in the future perhaps. Time definitely will tell, I must be patient and be clear about myself first before attempting to step into the arena of the greatest feeling in the world.

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