Stressed Out

Sick, again.

My body is weak.

How can I fall sick twice in a two months span?

Too much stress, I reckoned.

It is not like I simply eat or sleep,

All of it originated from stress,

I did not cope well with it, I reckoned.


Academics, relationships, handling people.

Too much, why am I like this?

If I am working, how hard it could be,

None of this bullshit will happen.

Why is my body that traumatized by this period of life?

I still could not understand.

I just need to switch up my sleeping schedule,

Eat more consistently,

Easier to be said than to be done.





I should stop blaming everything.

I should stop blaming myself.

I should stop, just stop blaming.

I… I must change,

Endure, persevere and go with the flow.

No point at fighting back or going against the flow.

Handling people is not my forte, especially relationships.

I should be patient, draw the line where it should be drawn.

Stop overthinking, stop stressing myself out.

Just doing one thing less,

It should be easy.


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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