Every First Thought

“We are going to face the three-time world champ tomorrow.” announced the coach. There will be possibly three types of first thought going through our heads.

What? How can we possibly going to defeat them? They are undefeated. We are sure going to lose.

We can do this. We have trained so long, we are going to give it all that we got.

Easy, we are going to trash them within seconds.

Before that, the first thought mentioned is the snap judgement made after listening to that statement, what comes after do not matter. Whether we can beat the opponent greatly depends on this first thought.

For the first scenario, it is obviously a negative statement, which will lay down an undulated start to your pathway of thoughts. Starting on the wrong note, negatively, impedes the foundation and the basis of our mentality, thus affecting our overall attempt in working our way to victory.

For the third scenario is perceived as the overconfident, ego-maniac mindset. However, we can break this group of people into two groups- the conscious ones and the unconscious ones. Those conscious ones usually are affirmative of their situation only they would have produced this particular thought because of a tinge of arrogance innate in us. The unconscious ones just speak as they like, so most likely they have no control over the situation at all, they just spoke as their ego wanted them to.

The first and third scenario normally lead our thinking to a ‘shithole’ where the situation will turn awry due to our arrogance or negativity. Besides the exception of the conscious ones, the other part of the group literally had no control over the situation except for their luck.

For people who experience the second scenario, you are the safest one, with the highest probability of defeating the opposing team because if you think as such, your mind will automatically take up the driver’s seat. Your status is akin to the conscious ones, but your ability is not quite there yet, but you are in control of the situation.

However there is the fourth kind of thinkers, Shit, we are screwed. Stop thinking like that! We can do this! It is some sort of a mix between the negative and positive. This type of people would have the most mental conflict between themselves and they do contemplate a lot until the contemplation might overwhelm their course of actions.

We are bound to be one of these kinds of people, our brains are just programmed to do so. However, there is no panacea for the negative mindsets because our mind just gave us the facts that we might screw up- mostly is our intuition. Through time, we can further strengthen our inner will and strength through relentless training and practice.

So far, I could not think of anything that could cure negative thinking but by purely forcing yourselves to act positive all the time. Nonetheless, comment down below if your thoughts down below about this piece, and tell me which one is your type of thinking. Thank you!

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