Feeling sober, I was dropped at the doorstep of my house. Bad day, bad week, terrible life, whatever you called it, I was not in the mood of thinking any of those, I just wanted more booze. My mind was in a state of delirium where reality was bent with a languid twist.

Searching for my keys in a blur, I ransacked my bag for them. Unlocked them in a misty confused vision, I fell into a trance of the ordinary, drunkenly navigating myself to my bedroom. Nausea hit me hard as I took a few steps into my house, I urgently moved to the toilet, bent down, and let the vomit flow out of my body.

I could not think straight at all. My mind was convoluted with messed up thoughts, fantasy built out of thin air, magnified by the grogginess after pouring out my insides into the toilet bowl.

The lights flickered. I pictured myself in a vulnerable state, it was a hunch, more like a premonition. Goosebumps, adrenaline rush, snapping back into consciousness, I sensed the presence of a someone hostile. Caring less about the counterfeit reality that I lived in moments ago, I shook myself to patch the gap in my brain, ensuring that I was not hallucinating.

I wasn’t.

Skimming through my surroundings with a half-awaken vigilance, I caught nothing on my radar. A pressure was exerted on my lap, I was petrified, my mouth wanted to let out a scream, but I fell helplessly unto the ground with my thighs spread open. I was tearing up, letting my wavering emotion overwhelm me.

The lights grew brighter, to the brink of exploding, sent an array of notions- fear, hope, faith, the fundamentals of life. I was confused and scared. My head was blistering with worthless thoughts as the lights grew warmer, wreathed itself around me, cloaked me with the vivid reminiscence of my broken hopes and dreams and relationship.

Deluged with comforting thoughts, I kept myself emotionally stable to get through everything that was going on in my head, hoping that nothing of those will turn awry, like building a sandcastle in the clouds.

I was reunited with the broken relationships, I was re-lifted to my broken dreams, I was re-inspired by my broken hopes. The light shed on me wielded the swords into my heart, making my calibre re-discover the lost hope, rejoicing with my forgotten will to live.


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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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