Being at The Top

“Come on!” I shouted at the top of my lungs after defeating hundreds of Spartans in a row, “Give me some challenge!” impaling my weapons into the sandy grounds, declaring to fight the Spartans with my blood-caked bare hands.

As I was wiping the remnants off my face which was obstructing me, two Spartans struck me from the back which was resonated with roars from the living warriors whom were soon to be dead. I never felt so dead before as none of them were able to match my brawl and skills.

Gently, I lifted myself into the air, slapped both of their heads together, piercing them with their own weapons, knocking both of them unconscious. The ground just added two more bloodied corpse, spilling unnecessary crimsons just for the sake of ravaging some fun.

The pool of blood thickens into blackness as the barrage of fighters rushed into me without even cogitating, but just to attack me blindly. I was floating across their attacks, deflecting everything from me, even I was surrounded by five attacks simultaneously.

They were persistent, but it was not enough to keep me entertained. The day was growing darker, I was getting bored. “what is this? You called yourselves Spartans!?” in a daunting tone, I launched one of the decapitated heads and beheaded more Spartans. My mind decided to go on the offense.

I went wild, an untamed Lucifer, craving for more bloodshed- more challenge. Ripping through the lives of Spartans, I torn their greatest warrior with a single punch. I was left alone, with no one else to fight anymore.

Blood was everywhere, the sandy grounds converted into a pool of bones and flesh, still warm to the touch. Not realising that I had broken my limiters, I thought to myself, this is so boring, maybe I should try to take down a grand fleet blind-folded and my limbs tied together. I lied in the bloodbath, relishing the silence that was apparent at that instance.

I did not put myself into that state of life, it was myself, my unconscious self. I trained so hard that I had unknowingly categorised being human as a bygone. Challenges were nothing to me.

Just give me something to do, to pull me out of this disgusting cycle of dearth. 


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