Willing to

If you are willing,
You can make me clean.
The man fulled of leprosy cried to Him.

I am willing,
He touched the man,
Be clean!
The leprosy left the man.

The miracle was too great,
The man could not keep it to himself,
Although being commanded to not share.

Inspired by: Luke 5:12-16

What happened here is that He is always at his power to heal, but whether He is willing to or not is another question. If He is willing to heal, He will do so, but not that He must want to heal that leper.

Although sometimes if He does not answer our prayers, it is not that he does not care, he chooses not to at the moment because He wants to be moved by our compassion in order for Him to lend a helping hand to us. That was exactly how the leper acted, he was filled with compassion when asking for help from Him.

We must be conscious that no matter what, our God loves us, and we must love Him. Disregarding how harsh the circumstances are, God is always with us, and we must always be with him, with compassion.

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