Believe In Yourself.

So do not throw your confidence away, it holds a great reward. – Hebrews 10:35

Confidence is the key to success. Bullshit. Most of us are tired and some hated this kind of speech, it contradicts so much with our everyday encounter and beliefs. Nonetheless, being confident is one of the best ways to make your day.

The trinity of believing- God, ourselves and others, the emphasis and the blockage normally appears at the ‘ourselves’ part. Why? Probably because we were confident in ourselves once, but life and reality threw some serious array of punches knocking us flat, our confidence died standing.

It is credence to say that being confident is difficult but being beaten down by life just means that you are succumbing to the conformity, not standing up, not withstanding the waves of adversaries. Knowing that life is filled with ups and downs, why do we still need to be negative? It would make things better, but it will make things worse.

Some might argue that they are being realistic. Yes, I agree, but are you realistically confident or defeated? There is no point being realistically defeated because you will just see one side of the coin, the bad and ugly side. However, if you shift your perspective a little into the confident side, you will perceive the good, the bad and the ugly, all at once, covering more points at once, a more pragmatic approach.

If I am positive and have confidence in myself, so what? Your life will take you to places that you could not imagine that exist in your timeline. Having confidence in yourself is crucial because it is the crown to your dominance over the situation. Lions are the king of the jungle, not because they are big; not because they have great manes; it is because they had the most confidence in their roars, terrorising the enemies with fear first by their absolute confidence, making them the best in the jungle.

Be confident in yourself. Do not always complain about how life puts you down. Stop asking why does this happen to me, question about the ‘how’ part to solve the life challenge at hand.

Man up, be confident, stop whining around.

Those who are skeptical might fire at me, saying life is not like this, you might not be confident all the time.

Hold up, mate. You are the one who chose not to be confident; you are the one who chose to think that life is like that; you are the one who chose to think that I am just demotivating people. It is all your choice, not mine. Please be aware.

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13 thoughts on “Believe In Yourself.

  1. Great post. This is so relatable as I always encounter people with this negativity in them everyday, like the world has turned upside down and they know what the problem is but there is nothing they can do about it. So they stay down & often bring others down with them. It feels weird being the odd one out, focusing on both sides of the coin. If one works hard to achieve contentment in life and is optimistic, he/she will achieve it. Without a doubt 😊

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