Pandang Ke Timur

Dasar Pandang Ke Timur has been the main inspiration and belief heeded by our current and fourth Prime Minister- Tun Mahathir (Tun M). He loves to reference Japan as a role model to be followed and moulded into, most of the policies in Malaysia implemented some gist from Japan.

I was oblivion before, I finally understand why.

Working attitude is the crucial attribute to Japan’s standing today. Compared to me, they are five times better than I am in my job. The Japanese are very dedicated and committed to their responsibilities, they really are the people to look up to in terms of the working attitude.

Even those Japanese working at the bus stops, they are smiling, are very positive, are very concentrated, are very meticulous, are very patient. They never bring in their personal habits- smoking, playing phones, into their work because their mindset is set to be “work is work”. Dignity is the best description that you can give them.

The Japanese will give you their 101 percent of heart and effort when giving you any form of service, they never show a hint of dissatisfaction even when the consumers are of the worst, they serve with the utmost dignity and professionalism disregarding what their jobs are, they are the best definition of what dignity is- they are dignity. Japanese workers are the creme de la creme, not even the Chinese can come close to them. I am most humbled to be witnessing and experiencing them at this point of life. I must step up my game in order to reach new heights of life.

Modus operandi is another aspect that I want to touch on, Malaysians call it standard operating procedures (SOP). Japanese carried out this so nonchalantly, so effortlessly and yet they are still positive about life. After visiting Universal Studios Japan (USJ), this further reinforces my point of view for them.

In USJ, the employees there smile at all times and they executed their jobs filled with passion. At one of their attractions, one of the employees- an actress perhaps, is obliged to perform in front of almost a hundred of different individuals. Although sometimes the response was not on point or the crowd was not as engaging as the employee, she will make the whole situation burning with their pure dedication and commitment, transforming the whole situation into her favour.

Now, imagine that this particular employee had to do this about 30 times per day, 6 days per week, and guess what, she did it with the same exuding amount of dignity. I am utterly speechless with how the people there cope with their work and face them with top-notch attitude. Absolutely splendid.

Tun M, I finally understand why you insist on us looking to the east, particularly Japan. I am most humbled and I want to be them.

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