Act To Be

Have you ever wonder what is it like to be a nice person if you are someone churlish? Have you ever wonder what is it like to be a giver if you are more of a taker?

You have to act like one in order to be one.

It is difficult to fathom how can one be nice just by pure thought. This is never a ludicrous statement but a rather bona fide one. Our brain functions as such, when we are able to picture the event or action in our minds clearly, we are probably capable of doing so because we needed a rough picture of how things work before we proceed with our ‘real life’ actions.

Another anology that can be taken is when taking photos. Look at the photo above, I had to strike a pose and I had to act like I am a very cool person (although I am not), and the effects of the shot, absolutely stunning. It is not all about the angle, but also the person standing inside the picture. If the person is able to picture himself as he wanted, I see no reason that the picture will exude the properties of the person.

However, acting to be someone or be some kind of attitude is never a cinch, it requires a strenuous amount of effort as we register the particular act as a habit or a kind of addiction into our brain. To jump-start the act is rather easy, but proceeding to be continuously another version of ‘you’ that you dislike is rather difficult because we need to have the grit and sheer determination in order to persevere and transform into the another version of ‘you’.

We are often taken aback by the inner voices of us shouting: “Tired” or “Bullshit”, repeatedly into our ‘just’ human mentality, shattering us from within in a matter of days. It is undeniable that reality is harsh, but we have to act that as if reality is just as it is, we have to accept reality as it is- yes, reality can be hard, but what is life if reality is not hard?

If we are able to take the first step in accepting reality just the way it is, we are on our way in achieving greater heights in life because the power of believing is not merely looked down of.

Seeing with the eye of the mind is believing with the touch of the heart.

Start believing that things will take a good turn, and the good turn will be in your favour.

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