Disability Is A Gift.

Living in a world where we are so deprived from positive energy and confidence, disabled people have the upper-hand in this society if they know how to deal their cards correctly. Nick Vujicic, Stephan Hawkings, Derek Paravicini, and other prominent figures are quintessential examples of excellence.

Nick lost almost all limbs but still emerges as a very successful motivational speaker; Hawkings could only move some of his fingers but still managed to breakthrough in the realm of Sciences; Derek is autistic but his pitch and piano skills are impeccable.

What do these individuals have in common?

Disability. No, an enhanced peculiarity.

Limitless endurance and perseverance are required to be as good as they are in dealing with life adversaries. There are actually not much difference with us- normal people, they just had to deal with more problems that appear from the normal world created by normal humans. However, when it comes to their peculiarities, it is a cinch to them compared to us- normal humans.

Like how we breathe, it is as easy for Derek to play the piano, for Hawkings to conjecture Sciences, for Nick to take advantage of his disability to be an outstanding motivational speaker. They are not only disabled, they are also disabled to succumb to failures, they have the enhanced quality of being more persevered and determined in life.

Unlike us- normal people, we might say to ourselves that everything is too hard, or we are just scared of failing, or we are just lazy. We are normal, which make us disabled in having the qualities of a disabled person’s spirit- pure grit. We conform to the normal society that we live in, sitting on our laurels each day, not willing to work hard and persevere in life.

I do not look down on disabled people because they lacked of a physical or mental part of a normal human, but I do look down to normal people because they are no more than a disabled person.

Disability is never a trap set by God. It is a blessing that makes you special, outstanding, and gifted.

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11 thoughts on “Disability Is A Gift.

  1. I appreciate your post. With my husband and I both being disabled having the viewpoint of it being a gift is what really changed our life and attitudes.

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