The Remains of The Day by Kazuo Ishiguro (Book Review)

After reading through this piece of story, ruminated across some nights, I only realised that the title ‘The Remains of The Day’ is an actual illustration of the entirety of the book. The book started off flat and ended off plain because the elegant crumbs of the penmanship laid at the heart of the book.

Mr. Stevens- a great and genuine English gentleman, who differentiates his dignity as a butler and his personal life very clearly, resulting into him having meager amount of time of being himself. He is a true English gentleman, throughout the story I learned a lot about being him.

Dignity is the main discussion of the whole story, Mr. Stevens portrayed his thoughts and experiences to explain to the readers about his take on dignity within a small trip to meet his old friend- more or less a crush, Miss Kenton. The whole story is merely voided of romance as the writer emphasizes more on being a ‘true’ dignified butler.

Would I recommend this to read? Yes and no, take my score 3.7 out of 5, probably because I am more of an adventure slash thriller person. However if you want to write an elegant set of British English and their personalities, this can be one of the best references.

As a footnote, the writer is able to iterate a seemingly boring scene into a vivid motion picture packed with gushes of thrill, this deserves a grand applause. Nonetheless, the penmanship of the writer is impressive which makes this book a unique read.

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