My Journey With Music

Tapping my feet to the rhythm, pacing my body slightly back and forth to the beat, this is how my body reacts to music. This particular thing that I have with music is innate, I just could not stop myself from submerging into the flow of the music that I am listening to. Although I hate the concept of using headphones to listen to music, I am still a person who enjoys listening to music.

Ever since I was 14, I integrated music into my gaming sessions which was normally 7 to 8 hours long. Music provided me with a flow to go with, a boost to amp up my brain, enhances my gaming experience at the same time. My skills do not vary greatly when the music was at the background or whatsoever, music at that time acted as a springboard to a better gaming experience.

15 and 16, the awkward adolescent years when I excelled leaps and bounds in Maths. I usually played music in the background to act as partial distraction to prevent me from slumbering during my Maths practice sessions. I became aware that music affects the learning process of studying but not the practising part. That was why I do not have music behind me when I am learning something new or important.

After those mundane years of studying, I still resumed my studies. But this time, during any study or revising sessions, music was just a pure distraction that will put my mind into disarray, a pure mess. I just failed to concentrate whenever there was music when I was studying or revising or doing anything related to academics.

Music was amalgamated into the other important of my life- creative works. Blogging or finishing something from the creative agency that I work in, I would never hold back in blasting the music in the background. Music can really help promote the brain churning for creativity, especially songs that are moderato, have a decent bass line and vocal.

Previously, I only listened to Chinese music, then slowly riding the bandwagon, I converted myself into solely listening to English pop songs. My taste did not shift for three or four years. After watching an anime related heavily to classical music, I moved to classical for a year or so- Tchaivosky and Chopin (yes!).

As time passed, I shifted back to English pop songs, defamed Chinese songs, ignored the classicals, and just to realise that I was in deep oblivion- voided from the different genres of music. I started to browse through songs of other languages, they are indeed beautiful in their own manner. From English to Malay to Russian to classicals to Japanese and eventually to every type of song in the world.

Music has been my shoulder to cry on; my motivator; my inspiration; my fuel when I needed it. Imagine a world without music, it will be colourless, dull and mostly saddening to live in.

What music meant for you? Comment down below and share this post with your friends so that they can share too! Thank you so much for reading this post.

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