Tap, tap, tap…

Tap, tap, tap…

Typing more,
Creating more,
Under controlled circumstances.

A sudden pang.

A lingering effect.

Staring into the four walls,
Neglecting the suction,
The drainage of my life force.

This walk has not been easy.
Fallen many times.
Did not get up many times.
Did not attempt many times.

Sullied by the dreaded life.

In these contemplation,
Complications and concurrence,
I found solace in knowing the fact that,
Hard work always pays off,
Either by not letting you down,
Or a fulfillment of life.

Thoughts all over me.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

Zero into the now.

Do not waste any more time.

Felt left behind.
I am far behind.
I need to catch up.
I must not fear the adversaries
Posed to me.

My intention is always of the betterment.
Not for the bad.

How long could I endure all of these?
How well could I put up with all of these?
How much could I cope before all of these
Tumble down unto me?

Who knows?

I am still alive and kicking.

Looks like I am more than I imagined.
A mere consolation.

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