How to Manage Time? (By Someone Who Is Always Late)

Tardiness has been one of my main traits in the years of schooling, this habit eventually seeped into some of my working etiquette, and even my blogging style. Being in school impacted me negatively as school sucked the living out of my life, demotivating me in each and every way possible with its mundane, grueling, prosaic system. I still need to put up with this for a few more months and I am done with this, hopefully (at least I get half a year break from school).

Browsing through countless videos and articles on time management, I found that they were mostly repetitive- priortising the important stuffs, make time for things that are of utmost urgency, do not procrastinate, such and such. What’s the point? I came to a breaking point where my life just could not hold itself up, and I thought, Time is relative.

Not all of the advice given online or from books are bad, there are some exercises that is still applicable even for someone like me, a super tardy person in order to achieve the fullest life possible.

Clarity, the foremost, the prerequisite even before you want to talk about time. Being clear and having utter resolution upon life are the key elements to jump-start your engines into managing time adroitly. As you become clearer with your goals, time will eventually become relative, your plans will exceed the 24-hour mark, your thinking and perception of time will by-pass the 24-hour mark, you will be able to be in control of the ‘big picture’ or the major structure of your time.

For me, I envisage to be more knowledgeable, to be a better blogger, to get a degree in Maths (or journalism), to write to impact. This is the first thought, but this is not enough, you need to extrapolate your thoughts, substantiate them as if you were writing a good essay for your life. For instance, to be more knowledgeable, I have to read more, I have to cut down on reading worthless social media status. How can I achieve that? I have to appoint this time in the morning for reading everyday, I have to delete most of my social media apps on my phone.

You are already half way there if you can write out and be clear with what you actually want to do with your time and your life. Next step, is to have discipline. This is a cinch as you just need to piggy-back the thrusting force from the ‘clarity’ aspect and you are ready to go. However, the major obstacle you might face is temptation and burn-out which conveniently come hand-in-hand.

Getting a mental or physical exhaustion will shanghai your body into slipping into one of your temptations which is either pornography, social media, gaming. I am not saying that indulging in any of those is bad, but you need to have the right doses per day in order to keep yourselves going or to retain your form, or else too much resistance will waste more of your time in dwelling in your temptations as those are your needs. Exhaustion wastes more time than you might expect, I can spend three hours straight on Youtube when my brain is exhausted, not tired enough to fall asleep, not energetic enough to do other things like reading. Therefore, please your brain regularly with whatever it needs, and then save the remnants of the time into doing something more productive.

Do not simply waste your time. Not only on petty items, but also on your routine life. School, for me, is a waste of time because it not only drains my creativity but also wasted a lot of my time doing the things that I want to do, killing me internally. Once your brain have registered school as something negative, it is difficult to pull the reverse gear, why not just go with the flow?

Since I do not like school that much, I will go there just on time, leaving extra time for me to sleep and study; since school does not do a great job at teaching, I spend time reading or playing games (if the environment is too noisy) in order to boost my brain power, I will spend my full attention and time on my tuition classes since only they can provide me with my needs; since school is a hassle, I come out with reasons and acting as an Oscar to get out of school as soon as possible. Cleverly scheme of some way to not waste your time entirely doing something that you do not want even if you are forced to, I believe the human brain is flexible enough to render some way out. Generally, stop giving a fuck to something or someone that is not worth your time.

Sleep when you can. The final piece and most crucial advice. The best and the best advice I can ever give. If you are tired, just sleep. Those 15-minute power naps prove to be the most efficacious in terms of effectiveness, productivity, psyche, and rejuvenation. If the class or talk is superficial and useless, just sleep. You have the right to sleep, use it, do not waste it.

Time is of essence. Not long after this would become an obsolete piece of advice or thought. If you have come here for a more traditional way of coping with time, you are either at the wrong place or you have not gotten the gist of my thoughts above. If you have already understood my stand, you probably would not even give a damn about that something or someone that is not worth your time.

Be still, be sure, and be in the know with your time as it is your time.

Like and comment down below on how your deal with time? I would love to see your responses in the comment section down below! Do share this with the ones who are worth your time! Thank you so much for reading through all of this. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “How to Manage Time? (By Someone Who Is Always Late)

  1. Well the first thing I do in the morning is to indulge in reading and so is the last thing before hitting the sack. However, on days when my mind is really tired I do indulge myself in other activities like gaming, napping or binge watching on Youtube. It does help relax a bit just like taking a break from the routine and preventing myself from over exertion at my work.

    Your post was amazing with deep insights on time management. 👍👌

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