Gradient of time,
Becoming steeper,
Flattens out eventually.

Our encounter with time,
Varies with our age,
As we grow older,
Everything seemed to move faster.

Tick tock,
5 hours of sleep
Feels like a 15-minute nap.

Tick tock,
2 hours of studying
Feels like a 3-minute learning.

Tick tock,
8 hours of video editing,
Feels like an hour of hard work.

Tick tock,
Difficult to catch hold
Of time.

1 month in jail
Differs not much from
10 years in jail.

Taken for granted,
Knowing nothing of
What is in store in our future.

Time flies,
As we realise,
It is somewhat
Too late.

Coruscating across our minds,
The concept of time,
Waning slowly into
Specks of nothingness.

Time is relative.

Everyone experience time differently.


Time gets faster,
And faster,
With time.

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