Gazing into the four walls,
Reflecting the emptiness bored inside me,
Reading in between the creeks of whiteness,
I found that giving in might be the best.

My heart is not strong enough,
To hold up against the depth of challenges of life,
Rendering my propensity to run away great.

My will is not burning valiantly,
To deflect temptations away from me,
Keeping me preoccupied with my own.

My love is not fulfilled,
Being bad at handling relationships
Created my own downfall, loneliness.

My body laze around,
Even after bedtimes, during exercise,
I avoid, I sleep.

My hands are not part of me,
Delinquency, Stupidity,
Wasting my time, willingly.

My head goes to places,
Unimaginable, foul,
Disgusting, yet satisfying.

My life just veers off,
Taking me on a wild ride,
Where I go in loops, in delirious ecstasy.

Apprehensive, understanding,
About my situation,
I just could not comprehend
Why I deviate from my motives,
So much,
Such a fool.

I can go on and on,
On and on,
Nothing would have change,
If I am not ready for it.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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