Dear WordPress and the lovely blogging community:

Is it just me? Or is it affecting the whole WordPress community? Why are our works not being exposed as much as last few months ago? What actually went wrong, WordPress?

My writing style has been evolving from time to time, but I still keep my touch on my main motives of my blog. I have been doing the same thing- posting consistently, original content, aesthetic stock photos, social media, every guideline that WordPress have given the bloggers, I did my best to follow, my views skyrocketed, then plummeted when I did almost the same for both periods of my blog.

This episode of my blogging season is trying, I am hitting the bottom of the sinusoidal curve, rock bottom essentially. I just could not understand why my views have been going down like nobody’s business, I bet it is not just me that is experience this shortcoming, other fellow bloggers are either having a slow or no or backwards growth for their traffic to their blogs.

Why? Why is this so? 

Nonetheless, I could not complain that much, because I did slack during the depressing periods of blogging. It is unprecedented for this to happen, this phenomenon is going off-tangent from the logic of the internet. I blog consistently, so I should get a consistent traffic. Hell to the no, WordPress has reached a point where the platform becomes indifferent of its bloggers compared to the good ol’ days of the ‘old’ WordPress.

Ranting aside, how much WordPress has changed, I should be able to adapt to it. I just need to put in more effort into creating better content and blog better, interact more. 

If you are a blogger with declining views, you are not alone. Maybe we just need to come together, like and share this post in order to make WordPress to do something. Or else, we just need to work harder. It is one way or another. 

Yours sincerely,

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