Power Of Visualisation

“Close you eyes.” a seemingly pointless prompt when you are at the troughs of life or at the pinnacle of a situation where nothing possible could be done, “Imagine the picture that you want, let the image flow through your brain, do not attempt to stop it.”

The small act of closing your eyes might seem insignificant, but taking a step back, giving yourself a brief alone time, letting your thoughts accrue at a focus point, gathering other sources of possibilities, unleashing the eye of the mind to take a look at the situation, allowing some space for originality, building up formidable courage, are the significance of the insignificant closing your eyes.

Just imagine, if a brief shut-eye session can bring you this much, what can a prolonged one do. It can activate a crucial mechanics inside you, a ‘watch-and-learn’ system or in another words a replicating system. After watching a video on bicycling a few times in a minutiae manner- taking into account all the details of the body movement, you can rehearse those actions in your mind, essentially practising inside your head.

The adage- practise makes perfect, is more than true when you integrate the ‘watch-and-learn’ system efficiently. Some of us have perfected this skill until we can learn at a glance. However, personally, I am picking up this skill when I am writing Chinese calligraphy. Normally after my Chinese calligraphy class, I would practise the words that I had been corrected in class during my drive back home inside my head, making sure I write those words inside my head several times as if I am really writing them down on paper. Although I do not practise physically writing as much as other masters, but I can write better than a lot of calligraphers out there, that is the magic behind practising inside your head. This not only works for arts, but also for many other fields out there. Thus, the small act of closing your eyes, you are able to visualise, and practise inside your head- mentally.

Let us make the shut-eye session even longer than the previous two examples, maybe 10 to 15 minutes. This will be an entirely different ball game altogether because this helps us to reflect and cogitate about ourselves. Imagine only hearing to your heartbeat, your breathing, and the muted surroundings- more or less like meditating, this environment is conducive for us to ruminate, to ponder, to conjecture a resolution for ourselves, for our matters, for our future. The silence and the nothingness created by us translate into a controlled nature where our mind transcends beyond reality to make sense, to rationalise, to come to an understanding about ourselves. Therefore, the intrinsic value of the relaxation time of 10 to 15 minutes is the most efficacious way to align your messed up thoughts.

More than that, it is considered as sleeping. Needless for me to talk about the benefits of sleeping- repair and renew of body cells; reset the psychological limit inside us; replenish our energy; reinforcing long-term memories by sleep-inducing-visualisation; having dreams, having new visualisations- having fresh ideas, all of these are essential for us. Just sleep whenever you can, and you must do so.

It is credence to take some time out of your day to close your eyes for a while because a lot of things that we could not see, we can visualise them inside our heads, giving us new or deeper insights on certain facets of our lives.

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