Originals by Adam Grant (Book Review)

Talking about creativity analytically, critically and minutely, this is how Originals is born. This is not a typical fact and evidence book, like many other non-fictions out there (although I have to admit some parts are rather tedious to read). Nonetheless, I have learned a lot about being a creative person because as I was reading through, I realised I do have more than half of the traits stated in the book.

There are too many lessons that had been taught in the book, I will just simply highlight a handful of them, which I feel that is most important and relevant or irrelevant to me.

Deep acting- be in the shoes of people in order to know how to treat people better;

Good procrastination- start something, let it there, give time for the ideas to settle in order to formulate better ideas;

Vuja De- the process of re-learning the knowledge that we already know, enabling us to look at the particular knowledge in a different light.

Prevent groupthink- conforming into the same ideology is dangerous at times, be straightforward with your thoughts and ideas, get things right with your voice, if there are collision of principles, debate them, sort them out.

Do not be the first- In majority of the fields, do not assume always if we are early, we can get the worms, but have you ever wonder if you are the early worm?

Be risk averse and go against the current. 

All in all, I give this book a solid 4 out of 5, the 1 mark is for the boring parts which made me drowsy. However, it is just my opinion and my personal problems with these types of books, biased. Nonetheless, a good read to pick up if you want to excel yourself in any field you are in.

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