July was a month where I re-direct my path of life, doing more inside my mind rather than in reality. Nothing much has changed, I still procrastinate, I am still who I am, I am feeling that this monthly thing is getting more superfluous. But, this can act as a reminder and a check-list on what I am up to.

If the list does not get checked, it is not a loss for me because I did not really expect much from myself being in this period of life- dreadful, abominable. If the list does get checked, I am more than delighted to get more things going.


Early to Bed. Early to Rise. What a joke, too many things happened last month including piling works and studies, sleep was relative, however I am able to do more sleeping when I want to, rather than spending my time on my phone, that is a plus, I assume.

Finish Japan’s Post. Haha, will finish it by this week. 

Finish A Short Story. Not yet, but I am making a comeback.

Read. And write a book review weekly. I did so for two or three weeks, that is an improvement from zero. 

Start A Patreon. Another delay.

Study. I feel like I studied more compared to the last semester.

Run. I did undergo a minor surgery, I will kick up more in the month to come.

Amp up my blogging style. No time. 

August Goals:

Early to Bed. Early to Rise.

No more excuses, I must instill this virtue in me.

Read. And Write A Book Review Weekly.

I feel like this is actually working, I may be able to read more in the times to come with this catalyst.

Complete A Comeback Story.

Yes, after a long, long, long break, I want to write.


Three or four times per week.


Starting with the repeat papers that I will be taking at the end of the year.

Be disciplined.

Stop wasting time.

Hopefully this will not turn into a routine where I just jot down these for fun and content. I really hope that I can do much more than I can do in these few months down the road.

What are your goals for this month? Comment down below and share your posts to me, I will give you and your blog a generous feedback. Thank you so much! 🙂

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