Phew! What a long way that I have traveled in this journey of blogging, through the nine mountains and eight seas, I have endured the fight to continue blogging with myself.

Thank you!

Instead of giving the same old appreciation, I want to highlight the writers- my friends, that are also writing with me.

@key_to_kye : Kelvin, an ardent photography pundit. He has been writing with me for quite some time, almost a year (if I am not mistaken). His latest post: Balloon Twisting . The cover photo is obviously prepared by him, credits to him.

@ceejaywhy : Jean, a crazy yet delicate writer, literally studying about how to be a psycho. I just asked her to join me last few weeks, she is quite new. Nonetheless, I admire her writings that is why I want her to join. Her latest post: A Setback for A Setup

Hopefully I can gather the people that I envision in my mind to join me, although there were screw-ups here and there, I was forced to forego one or two writers that are really good because of my terrible skills in handling people. I hope to be better at treating people, just a thought.

A big thanks to the people who have and had contributed to my blog, really appreciate the efforts done by you.

Sigh. I heaved, steered my head straight up into the ceiling, staring into the emptiness that I feel throughout these few months. Probably I am experiencing depression, but I doubt so, but it might be true too, I have been questioning the purpose of doing all of these.

A few months back, I had a hunch of completely halting my blog due to the dropping view counts and piling work. But I kept telling myself that after this examination, I would have more time to manage and to invest more into my blog. I looked back into the crux of my blog that I had established in the genesis of my blog, I told myself, this is only a practice ground for me, I write not to please myself, I write to improve.

There was another problem, I could not find time or I was consistently finding excuses for myself to not write, I feel so exhausted from life, wearied by the situations flung at me, tearing me into pieces that I could not pull myself together to write.

Excuses. All of these are shameful excuses.

My will is not as strong as anyone of you, I am also human, I keep running away from myself, I keep veering away from the purpose that I have set from myself, I keep making excuses for myself to laze around. What a jerk. Such a disgrace.

I should stop putting too much unto myself, I feel like I have to let go, and let God take over the steering wheel of my life as I do not really know what or how to get back up from this infinite abyss of nothingness.

I pray, I do. That is all of the process of recovering and sparking a revolution inside me, further instilling the resolution inside me, giving me more insights and motivation on what I am doing now.

Once again,

Thank you.

Although it might seem I am fighting a losing, uphill battle, I will persevere until I give out my last breath. Thank you so much for hanging around with me, and sometimes with my shitty posts. Thanks a bunch!

Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.

Have hope,
Write on!

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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