Catching A Glimpse Of My Future (Rewritten)

Nothingness. Blackness. Darkness overshadowed the entirety of my mind’s perception of my future. I could not see anything, not even something good nor bad that appeared inside my head, it was pure emptiness- nothingness.

I pried my eyes opened, living the banal life still, feeling that I could do more than I should or could. The potential inside me was screaming in avail, I could not give a damn to them because reality threw some coup de grace straight into my face, knocking my confidence flat out.

Every time I tried to imagine my future, I just could not do so because I did not and could not visualise it, my imagination was murdered by something called school. The burden, the reality, my life had put me deep down in the pits of nadir, even my vision was blinded by the nothingness and darkness.

“So do not throw your confidence away, it holds a great reward.” Dr. Keith, America’s No. 1 confidence coach blurted out his mouth. I still could not wrap my head around why I needed confidence so much, it was not that I lacked confidence, I had too much of it- overconfidence.

I paid full attention, “Failure is never a person, it is an event that leads you to your destiny,” He still spoke as loud as he could, “If you can picture a future that is bad, why not put that effort into creating something even your mind find it unimaginable,” he paused awhile, “Look at Donald Trump, and tell yourselves you can do it!” the crowd was immersed in laughter.

The crowd, including me, was fully immersed in his final prayers.

“Believe in God, yourselves and others. If you believe in God, but do not believe in yourselves, how can you let God make wonders in your life?”

Everyone stood up for the closing.

“I want everyone to close your eyes, start using that brilliant imagination of yours, imagine a future that you want.”

His words, a catalyst; my mind, a reaction. Vivid images started to coruscate across my mind, I saw myself writing; signing books at major book stores; discovering new Mathematics formula; delivering breakthroughs to both the literature and Mathematics world; presenting my ideas to the crowd; having a good time with my beautiful wife.

It was beautiful. It was magnificent. It was real.

Tears started to roll down my eyes, I was enlightened. God had shed light into the darkness that I was shrouded in. “I believe… Shout it out! I believe…”

“I believe.”

“With every cell of my body. Proclaim it!”

“With every cell of my body.”

“That I can!”

“That I can!”

“Repeat once more! Shout it out loud! I BELIEVE!”


Tears were uncontrollable at this moment. Images of my near future overfilled my head. I was glad, happy, excited, touched, to see the light again after for who knows how long.



I rubbed my eyes, wiped those tears away, having a fresh set of confidence brewed inside me. I shouted and proclaimed the last one as powerful, as unstoppable as possible.



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