Passion Smiles Back

I am
So are they.

I am
A teacher.

I teach.

My efforts
Translates into


A driving force
That breaks
The perennial circle
Of banality;

A change;
Smiling or depressed,
I just wanted students
To learn.

I am
A cook.

I cook.

My food

A smear,
A smudge,
At the smiling mouth;

An angry face
For the

That could not be described
When I fed someone
Who needed.

Not every time,
We get the desired products
Of our efforts,
Life is a beach,
There are tides too,
Unprecedented ones.

“Do your best,
God will do the rest.”

Just remember why
You started
First in the place.

I am
A cook.
I want
To feed people
With good food.

I am
A teacher.
I want
To educate,
To teach.


You will deserve
The warmest smile
For your efforts.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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