She slept silently at the passenger’s seat beside me, being the shotgun of our 2-hour drive back home was not an easy feat. I offered to fetch her straight home.

It had been about a year since we met, my heart still have not faltered for you. I know we have something (reading until this point, you should know how I think), we are akin to mother and son.

After these two days, I had a thought, I wanted to be in her embrace.

As I drove her home in silence- a very much appreciated silence after more than 30 hours of talking, I had to deal with my own psychological barrier in order to stir up the courage to ask for a hug.

I was enacting the scenes inside my head, pulling her close into me, no space in between us, her hair tangled with my skin, her silky smell brushed against me, just in between the gap of the driver’s and passenger’s seat.

But, it was all inside my head.

I asked her, “Can we hug?” she declined. My heart had expected this outcome.

I could not do anything, she was rather a ‘conservative’ type of person, I understood her stand-point. We parted after that rather awkward encounter, bade each other goodbye.

Finding myself in this clueless situation, I kept myself down, ruminated about how could I improve in being.

Nonetheless, hopefully we could hang out more in the future.

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