Equanimity Siege

“5 nautical miles.” the flurried voice blurred across our ears, “Subject closing in. Alpha, stand-by.” The operation was schemed three months beforehand, we knew the carriage was to be captured and to be seized by the Malaysia’s authorities, we were given orders to obliterate it into smithereens.

Armed with an anti-matter grenade to destroy the confidential papers and sufficient trinitrotoluene to blow up the entire ship, sending a shock wave strong enough to cast a mild tsunami. Equanimity- the superyatch, withheld a crucial piece of evidence for a major scandal.

There were several military ships guarding Equanimity, “3 nautical miles. Hackers! Drones! Time to tango.” the order fluttered across the lines, the attack had begun without their knowledge.

Doot. Doot. Doot. DDDDDDDDDDD!!! The signals on the ships went amok, so were their defense. Our drones were sent out with more than hundreds of counterfeit signals scattered around the vicinity, hurling them into helter-skelter. Next up, the suicide bombing drones dived into the military ships. The machinery in those ships started to aim and shoot violently into each other.

“Divers. Emerge.” everything happened too fast, less than a minute, we had out men into Equanimity. The operation was going as planned, swiftness was the key. We had the map of Equanimity, pretty much nothing could stop our operation, the most unfortunate thing that would happen was that someone would die, if we were careless.

C4s were planted around Equanimity as the search team ransacked the ship for the crucial pieces of information, making sure that the bread crumbs into the scandal would vanish into thin air, not even ashes or remnants would remain.

50 seconds into the operation, the team managed to arm all the bombs unto the ship. One minute in, the search team got the information without any sweat. If you were wondering where was the guards, they were all knocked out by one of our spies by poisoning their water and the air they breathed just before the attack was launched.

The whole operation only lasted not more than three minutes. That was how quick a few ships could be blown up, and a mission completed.

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