Cloudy Perspective

’tis a dragon.
’tis a serpent.
’tis a snake.
’tis a someone.
’tis a something.

those are just clouds.

wherever you are standing,
wherever your mind is at,
there will be the image that you see.

our vision,
we tend to forget to look up to the skies.

we are too busy,
just do not have the luxury
to look up

we are slowly dying,
gradually neglecting
Mother Nature
herself, her grandiose.

’tis cloudy.
’tis dark.
’tis sporadic.
’tis drizzling.
’tis pouring.

those are just the weathers.

different times.
different seasons.
different lives.

is inevitable.
what we can do
is to adapt.

through the seasons,
through the undulated routes,
we must surmount the change
or else we will
essentially succumbing,
surrendering your freedom
to reality itself.

we are just clouds.

drifting aimlessly
through the blue,
blue skies
looking through the seamless
glass of reality.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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